Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Stardust

Having seen the film a few times I thought it might spoil the book experience a bit as I started tucking into Neil Gainman's Stardust, but it turns out the storylines only loosely fit each other. A nice easy read - and something a bit less haunting after Birdsong - so pretty much exactly what I needed! It's such a good fun story, with various tangents that crop up and lead you into some very strange scenarios and has the odd touch of graphic violence to keep you on your toes (wasn't expecting that at all!). I'm definitely slacking a bit now - it's taken me over a week to read that little gem, despite being the kind of book I could probably have digested in a day if I'd been willing. But it's only 12 days until the winter festivities are in full swing, so I've allowed myself a bit of time for tree decorating, present buying and, of course, for guilty pleasure television.
I'm reaching a point where my supplies of books that are as yet unread are diminishing fast so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that santa will be deilvering a few soon. I'm about a third of the way into the list now, 33 down and a whole lot more to go. http://apps.facebook.com/booklistchallenge/List/?l=1293
I'm struggling to pick something for just before Christmas - might have to go for American Gods now that I'm in the Neil Gaiman mood. Or perhaps a bit of Terry Pratchett. I wonder if the experience of having my nose in a fantasy book will be enhanced now that my flat is filled with fairy lights and tinsel...

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