Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gosh, it's 2012 already!

Time flies doesn't it?! Well, the new year did bring with it a bit of quality reading time and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting completely drawn into The Help. I did suffer the consequences of adopting a southern American drawl for a while - torrents of abuse from my Yorkshire friends - but when you've got your head in Mississippi every evening some of those phrases just seem to stick! Far from finding a follow-up that would assist in correcting my English I moved on to Catcher in the Rye, J D Salinger's classic. I have to be brutally honest here. I just found it irritating. Perhaps I missed the point, but getting through to the end was more the case of a tick in the box than desperately wanting to know where the arrogant, depressed and rather annoying subject character would end up. Still, a nice short one and now I've decided to go right into the thick of traumatic and hard-hitting novels and have opened Atonement. I've seen the film, which I'm hoping won't make it any less of an intense read, but it was a while back now and the details are definitely back to being fuzzy. I've yet to get my head into it (but then I'm only one chapter in) - perhaps a couple of hours dedicated reading tonight with a nice mug of Horlicks will do the trick. Yes, Horlicks. It's winter!

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