Thursday, 15 September 2011

The challenge...

It's a really bad idea to ever say the world 'challenge' to me. I can't help but bite. And so when I was browsing Twitter for the latest updates and saw that the World Book Night top 100 had been announced, closely followed by the setup of a #WBN100readingchallenge hashtag I was bound to get on board. So here it is, the start of a somewhat impossible task of reading all 100 of the shortlisted books. Have a look at the list
The idea is to get through them all before World Book Night, which occurs on the 23rd April 2012, but that would give me roughly two days per book(!) so while I'm willing to have a bash at reading them all, I'll be making a few allowances for having a full time job, writing this blog, having something of a life etc. and be aiming to read as many of the 100 as possible... Better to start with a bit of realism ;)
In light of the likely impossibility of getting through all of them, I'm going to start with making my way through all the ones I've never read before. That makes the list a little less daunting. I'll post the amended list to this soon, feel free to make recommendations of which ones I should go for first. I'm thinking alternate the easy reads with the heavy subjects and tough writing - all motivating comments will be really welcome!
And before we get into too much geek-bashing - yes I love books, yes I use Twitter, yes I live alone, no I do not have cats or smell of wee. Yet.
So, onwards with David Nicholls' One Day since it's in every bookshop window in sight at the moment...

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