Friday, 23 September 2011

Priorities and panic

I promised that I'd post an updated list of which books I've already read to get my priorities in order, and as if by magic the lovely World Book Night people have popped the list into a handy Facebook app that allows you to tick them off as you go. Fabulous stuff. So, here's my 'done and to do' list as it stands.
I'm about a third of the way through Little Women, and it's not at all like I expected it to be! I feel like I'll be a far more moral person by the end of this. Or at the very least be aware of the virtues I ought to have...
Almost had heart failure today when I saw that WBN had tweeted the url to this little blog of mine. I'll do my best to keep it entertaining... and if anyone can offer any advice on how to finally make it through Catch 22 which I have attempted to read about 4 times in my life and never made it through I'd be very appreciative. Might just put that one off for a while. See if I can get my numbers up to boost my confidence before tackling it.

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